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Regular Share Accounts

Regular share accounts are the basic savings program. Each member must have a $25 minimum share balance to be a member in good standing. Regular shares may be pledged for collateral. Dividends are paid and compounded monthly.

Money Market Share Accounts

New Money Market minimum balance of $5,000. Our money market accounts pay market rate returns to members. They may not be pledged for collateral. Dividends are paid and compounded monthly.

IRA Shares

IRA Shares are a savings instrument for those members who have retirement needs that are filled by an IRA. Your credit union offers all types of IRA accounts: Regular, Education, or ROTH. Dividends are paid and compounded monthly. Internal Revenue Service rules apply. Contact your tax preparer or accountant to determine if an IRA is suitable for your tax planning.

Club Accounts

The credit union offers two different club accounts: Christmas Club or Vacation Club. Christmas Club accounts are savings accounts that members use to save money for Christmas spending. Members will set money (funds) aside on a regular basis through cash deposits, payroll, or direct deposit. Dividends are paid and compounded monthly. The Christmas Club account matures on November 1st and a check for the club account balance is mailed to your home. All Club accounts are funded the same way. The difference is the Vacation Club account matures on June 1st. All Club account balances are mailed to your home, or you can choose to have the funds automatically transferred to a checking or savings account on maturity.

Family Savings Account

The Family Savings account is designed to assist parents, grandparents, or family members to save for a child’s college costs. Much like a club account, regular savings are deposited in the family savings account. Lump sum deposits may also be made. The account matures on July 1st of the year that the member graduates from high school. Dividends are paid and compounded yearly.

Certificates of Deposit Accounts

Certificates of Deposit accounts are offered in six month or one year maturities. The credit union focuses on paying market rate dividends.